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Tut Season 1 DVD Boxset

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Tut Season 1 DVD Special Features

Actors: Sibylla Deen, Alexander Siddig
Directors: David Von Ancken
Format: Multiple Formats, NTSC, Subtitled
Genre: Historical Drama
Language: English
Region: Region Free
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Number of discs: 3
DVD Release Date: 2015

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Tut Season 1 DVD Overview

In 1332 B.C., Egypt is the most powerful nation in the world, but it is plagued by internal strife. In the city of Thebes, Pharaoh Akhenaten has been poisoned by his most trusted servant. His nine year old son, Tutankhamun has to take his place as pharaoh, and so, is thrust into power at an early age. However,Tut Season 1 DVD after showing mercy on several occasions, and having the Vizier Ay making important decisions for him, the people deem him weak. He is forced to marry his sister Ankhesenamun to keep the bloodline pure as his closes friend Ka lusts for her. Ten years into his reign, teenage Tut finds the country in economic turmoil and crops ruined by drought. He is also determined to gain control of his kingdom after being conspired against by the power-hungry Ay and having been left for dead by General Horemheb during a battle with the Mitanni.

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